The Importance of Being Earnest (Teasers)

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Have you bought tickets to “The Importance of Being Earnest” yet? Have you seen “The Importance of Being Earnest” yet?    If you’ve answered “no” to either of those two questions (and, well, if you answered “no” to question one, I suppose you should have just skipped question two), well then, here’s a taste of what you’re missing.

Oh, and thanks to the incomparable Raph Nogal of Raph Nogal Photography ( for these incredible photos!

Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0018 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0015 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0013 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0012 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0011 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0004 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0017 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0016 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0007 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0006 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0005 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0003 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0002 Importance of Being Earnest_OLT-0001

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Fresh show Posters!

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You want ’em?  We got ’em?  Print them, share them, post them, like them, tweet them, turn them into trading cards and catch ’em all in your own OLT version of Pokemon.

Ok. I promise I’ll …

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We need YOU

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Our second show of the season, Bye Bye Birdie, has been cast, however we are in need of both adult men and women to play key ensemble roles.

If any member or someone you know is interested please contact …

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Exciting New (and one you already knew about) Production!

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Regrettably, Oshawa Little Theatre has cancelled our November/December production of “A Christmas Carol – The Musical.”

Joyfully, we are pleased to announce it will be replaced by the hit, Broadway classic, Bye Bye Birdie!

Please visit our Auditions section for more information!

Oh, and we are still registering auditions for our February production of The Diary of Anne Frank! We hope to see you on our stage this season!

-Johnny Soln, VP and Marketing Director


New Website!

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Welcome to Oshawa Little Theatre’s new website!  Much like Fruma-Sarah from our Thea-winning production of Fiddler on the Roof, our website appears to have risen from the dead!  Please browse our new sections, our slick …

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