Summer Theatre Program

There will be a summer program this year!

We’re back! Despite the fact that we would love to be in the theatre with all of our fantastic young performers, we strongly believe that during this uncertain time, our best plan is our safest plan. And that means bringing our brand new Online Summer Program right to a screen near you! 

Through our various social media platforms (Find us @OLTSUMMER2020) and through this page right here, we’ll be giving you tons of free activities, daily physical warm-ups, tips & tricks and more for your theatre-filled life (once our “intermission” is over). Stay tuned for our INTERVIEW SERIES, a new podcast-style series with engaging interviews on a wide range of fascinating topics.

Our online program will also include opportunities to extend your experience for a small and reasonable cost. These will include three WORKSHOPS every week on how to create/find the perfect 32-bar cut for your next audition, how to pick up choreo quickly and accurately, how to make a character as fully developed as possible regardless as to how many lines they have, and many more. We will also be offering PRIVATE LESSONS for those who want to give 1-on-1 learning a try or those who are looking to continue building their skills and talents. Finally, we will be looking to offer a number of MASTER CLASSES, allowing participants to perform a prepared song or monologue, receive coaching on how to better their performance, and observe other young performers do the same. We are very excited to offer all of these excellent educational and fun opportunities to the young performers and theatre-interested youth out there.